In attendance:



  • Finding our are nominations going?
    1. Julia middleton for chem is interested
    2. Bio will likely be a third year
    3. AOPE?
    4. Nathan will send out email for at large
    5. Rose will do G&G, but still going to put out another call
    6. Perhaps Astrid or Henri for PO?
  • Report to OGE - plan for getting it done
    1. Lizzie will send out a email to collect pictures
    2. Rachel will do the pie chart and financial stuff
    3. Lizzie will send out a reminder to the department that we have this money to spend
  • JP Swag update
    1. They contacted to company
    2. Deadline for that end of september so that we can include it in OGE report
  • Jelly Talks - are they continuing into the fall?
    1. Reschedule chrissy and eesh
  • Sid-Pac apartment extended visitors
    1. Reserving the space for commuting students -- students can stay for 3 nights and students who are in between leases will need to figure out the rest of their month.
    2. Rose will email responses to those who requested
  • Steinbach scholars
    1. Kevin has it covered! Combining Bio dept picnic with SS BBQ
  • JP Student equipment shed??
    1. By kayaks or shore lab?